Sotheby's International Realty - Oestrich-Winkel, HE

In the course of an existence of more than thousand years, the Grey House in Winkel has experienced manifold uses: its probable first use was that of a country house for Rhabanus Maurus, the “first preceptor of Germania”, who died in Winkel in the year of 856. Then, from about 1100, it became the ancestral home of the noble family of Greiffenclau – later the residential seat of the widows of the family – towards the end of the 20th century a Michelin-starred restaurant – and after the suicide of count Matuschka-Greiffenclau in 1997 a vacancy. Since, for centuries, the Grey House has shown that it can re-invent itself the Bochmann-Stiftung foundation has decided to restore the building in close cooperation with the Hesse state office for the preservation of monuments: as a retreat for mediation or meditation, as location for seminars and workshops, as the headquarter of a company/an association/or foundation, as a place for celebration, for presentation and representation, for reflection, action and play. All these are uses to which the Grey House can be dedicated. It offers an open space for presentation, discussion and meditation, an area for dining/group work or co-work, another area for a small management team, for outdoor seating in the garden, a professional kitchen with a separate walk-in fridge building - and in addition as the dot on the i: the outstanding beauty which arises when pre-roman/carolingian architecture is combined with modern light, art and design. After entering the inner courtyard from Grey Lane, you become witness of Roman-Carolingian architecture: vine-covered natural stone walls and Pre-Roman windows. You then step into the Grey House via a glass door within a round arch stone portal. All essential technical equipment is available: LAN, internal/external WLAN, beamer, roll-up beamer screen, media-control. Lighting controls allow finetuning of brightness levels. Ventilation controls ensure fresh air supply. Chairs can be arranged at your discretion. The top level captivates by its openness – looking towards the top, downwards, sideways. It is the ideal space to let your thoughts curve around and to share them with others. The side building of the Grey House has been built around 1660 – after the Thirty Year’s War. This has been proved with the help of the old wood beams between upper level and roof level. Being completely conserved, they have been exposed to the open in order to become visible beauties. For detailed information please contact our office.