Sotheby's International Realty - Robert Lee, TX

About Saddle Ridge Ranch This historic 3,028 +/- acre ranch provides some of the best quail hunting and scenic views in West Texas. This beautiful property is high fenced for game management purposes, and is an extremely balanced combination hunting, cattle, family or corporate recreational ranch. Saddle Ridge is rich in wildlife, due to a highly managed trophy whitetail and quail program. There are outstanding Bobwhite and Blue Quail populations due to brush management and habitat preservation. Year after year this ranch is one of the top quail hunting ranches in west Texas. Formally part of the historic 200,000-acre L.B. Harris ranch, it was the route of the Butterfield Stagecoach which carried mail from St. Louis to California. There are several Calvary lookout points on the ranch which were used to protect the stage from the Comanches, who used the area for their hunting grounds. The ranch has many improvements including a 6,800 SF hunting lodge, equipment barns, processing facility, and a storage barn. In addition, there are 3.5 miles of all-weather caliche road from the front entrance to the lodge, 12 miles of high fence, two lakes and seven stock tanks, eight plus miles of interior cross fence, and multiple large food plots. The current owners retained a wildlife biologist in 1995 and began a strict game management plan designed by Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Rolling Plains Quail Research Institute. The ranch has been awarded the State of Texas Game Management Certificate and is under the MLD Level III program, which allows for an extended deer hunting season. Saddle Ridge Ranch has received additional awards from Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Rolling Plains Quail Research Institute for its outstanding management practices and habitat management. Hunting-Fishing-Wildlife Habitat Saddle Ridge Ranch is under the MLD Level III program, which allows for the most flexible seasons and bag limits. The ranch is managed for trophy whitetail deer, quail and turkey and there are several species of exotics on the property. The entire 3,028 acres is under high fence for management of the native deer population. Current helicopter surveys estimate about 320 native whitetail deer and large concentrations of turkey. The ranch is also home to Axis deer, Black Buck, Fallow deer, Javelina, and has excellent dove hunting. Quail Management: The ranch has historically had one of the largest Bobwhite and Blue Quail populations per acre in Coke County. The 2018 quail call counts were one of the highest in west Texas with both Blues and Bobs in the call count. In 2002 the owners of the ranch formed a relationship with the Rolling Plains Quail Research Institute to place an additional focus to sustaining and growing the excellent quail numbers that were on the ranch. This quail management plan includes the development of adequate year-round food supplies and water, along with reasonable protection from predators. As a result of this management plan, the ranch has reestablished native grasses, food sources and brush shelters that create cover for the birds. The ranch has hosted Dale Rollins Quail Appreciation Day and has 20 quail call stations that have been used for research by his students. Key Information: Location: • Robert Lee, Texas • Northern Edge of the Edwards Plateau • 76 miles Southwest of Abilene • 30 miles north of San Angelo, Texas • 3 ½ hours from Fort Worth, Texas Acreage • Total- 3,028+/- acres • 100 +/- 7 Food Plots • 2,928 +/- Wildlife habitat and Pasture