Sotheby's International Realty - Haarlem, NH

BACK TO SCHOOL! UNIQUE LOFT HOUSE REALIZED IN 2002 IN A FORMER SCHOOL BUILDING A great opportunity for creative people who would like to live in a quiet, green, unique location but close to the city center! The very spacious light and modern LOFT-HOUSE can only be reached via an electrically operated gate on a bridge over the Houtvaart. There are 2 private parking spaces on the enclosed area where a total of 5 loft homes have been realized. The Houtvaart is in direct connection with the canals of Haarlem where you can sail in a small boat! The house has a private garden where you can enjoy the sun all day. Convenient location in relation to shops, restaurants, schools, swimming pool "De Houtvaart", dunes, beach and roads.