Sotheby's International Realty - Seven Mile Beach, 04~

Villas of the Galleon sits on four hundred and fifty feet of what is arguably the best section of Seven Mile Beach. No trivial matter when discussing a beach that is regularly voted the best in the world, as hotel’s that seek to give their guests the best of everything, both illustrious neighbours to Villas of the Galleon; The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman and The Westin Grand Cayman stand testament to this prime location. Seven Mile Beach is without doubt the best beach the Cayman Islands has to offer, not only for its pristine white sands gently kissed by crystal clear Caribbean waters a “sea of palest em'rald, merging to darkest blue” as the Cayman Islands National Song reminds us, but with its westerly outlook it provides a ring side seat to such spectacular sunsets that even the most staunch atheist might posit the possibility of a divine touch! Built in 1980 Villas of the Galleon is a beautiful example of the low-rise buildings of a bygone Cayman era where three stories was the allowed building height. Having a two story top unit such as offered at the Villas of the Galleon, which technically created a four storey building would certainly have been viewed as pushing the boundary back in the day, but seems a far cry from the ten stories allowed on Seven Mile Beach now, never mind the talk of Iconic Towers elsewhere within the Cayman Islands. Recently renovated from top to bottom Villas of the Galleon #52 offers the best of both worlds providing what is essentially a brand new, modern apartment, in a low rise low density complex and a two storey home that offers a level of individuality lacking among the more homogenous high-rise apartments. A penthouse corner unit #52 Villas of the Galleon enjoys windows on three sides of the building, a vaulted ceiling and an overall feeling of space and light. #52 holds what is probably the best position in the complex, and the view from the balcony is second to none.