Sotheby's International Realty - Ameyalco

Imagine living in a project developed by architect Humberto Artigas, molded for two houses in an area of 4,105 square meters (44,185 square feet), which combines the best of two worlds: having the benefits of living in a country house enjoying peace, security and connected with green areas and at the same time the benefits of a house in the center of Mexico City with an unbeatable location in a safe real estate development. Since its construction, it was a very well-planned project taking into account its perfect orientation so that all of the rooms come with a marvelous view and individuality, leaving a touch of elegance and natural light through big windows and skylights, while maintaining a perfect temperature year around. Enjoy the interior garden, one of the favorite spaces of the house, which consists of hundreds of trees, more than 8,000 plants with vast amounts of fauna, squirrels, rabbits, various species of birds, and a spectacular lake inside the house that includes a family of wild ducks that come seasonally every ear. One of the biggest advantages of the garden is that it is a flat terrain, an ideal scenario for family events. Are you a wine lover? You’ll be able to enjoy a delicious wine from your own cellar, an extraordinary place full of stories. It also links with the other house on the same lot that is 1,000 square meters (10,764 square feet) with incredible spaces that is equally cared for with every small detail. Enjoy the tranquility, the marvelous views in all parts of the house and above all else, is in touch with nature, which makes it a unique property in Mexico City.