Sotheby's International Realty - Austin, TX

Aspire on Lake Austin floats on the waterfront banks of the #3 most revered lakes in the country (per Redbook Magazine) and a calming 10-minute drive to downtown Austin. Aspire is a home of healing, consciousness, and inspiration. Fully believing in making their space a conscious one to serve as a catalyst in fulfilling on their commitment to be a positive change in the world and inspiring others to do the same, the owners embarked on this unique vision. A team of architects, designers, builders, and energy-conscious healers were meticulously curated to create a one-of-kind build that might just be the modern vanguard of custom-designed and intentional living. “Geared towards restorative wellness, we embarked on a 16 month labor of love to create one of the most unique home in Austin and the world. We intended to create much more than a home – it was to be an oasis for those who have a holistic vision of success.” The result was NARI’s unanimous first place 2018 People’s Choice Award. A dwelling that could be summed up as the brainchild of publications Entrepreneur, Dwell, Architectural Digest and Conscious Company collaborating on the next generation home for leaders and influencers. The design vision embodied warm industrial finishes, re-purposed materials, a Zen minimal coastal California vibe, and a worldly appreciation of art. All this to a backdrop of clean and minimalist white walls serving to sharpen the 180 degree Lake Austin views and connection to Mother Nature. The ceiling beams came from an Amish community in Pennsylvania, they are over 100 years old. The upstairs flooring is over 200 years old and were green-kilned. These floors are extremely rare in that they are all the same size and width, unheard of in the reclaimed wood ethos. The wall and floor tile throughout are mostly from Spain. The American Clay walls are amazing for regulating interior temperature. They are a full replacement for painted walls or texture yet present as smooth walls with a twinkling museum finish. The poem on the stair wall was custom created by a writer on a 1920’s typewriter as inspiration for all coming through or staying. The master bedroom’s rear wall features a captivating installation of half-round pine configurations laid piece by piece with the intention of creating a zen space emphasizing the connection to water. The bath is fully outfitted for both relaxation and invigoration, including its own infrared sauna and hovers over Lake Austin. The “Banksy” bathroom” was inspired by the very artist and designed by Francisco Segarra of Spain. The owners had just coincidentally returned from a Bansky exhibit and fallen in love with his work when they were shown the tile and concept. “I knew from that moment this home was going to be truly amazing. One that is fun, livable and incredibly cool with looks you won’t find anywhere.” - Loree Massouh, Designer Beyond all the obvious signs throughout the home, a story resides behind the walls. Built into the home strategically, one would find selenite, a stone used to cleanse surroundings. Rose quartz for perpetuating prosperity. Shungite, loaded with benefits for the home environment - heals, protects, restores and even stimulates the growth. It concentrates and restores all that is good. The architecture was driven by perennial award winners, Vanguard Studio. “This home had a focus on creating for a couple who have an immense love for life and well-being. The unique layout places public entertaining spaces on the second floor where the scenic views and vibrancy of Lake Austin are enjoyed by the owners and their many visitors. Unique to this design is the Master Suite which occupies the lakeside portion of the first floor and absorbs the waterfront views and breeze. It’s designed to be a tranquil space for the couple to experience both sunrise and sunset." – Jen Lo, Vanguard Studios