Sotheby's International Realty - Karuizawa-cho, 20

Single-family home information Right: Freehoid Access: 6 min. walk from."Nakakaruizawa"sta.(Shinano Railway) Structure: RC Land Area/Setback: 6598.42 sqm. Total Floor Area: 914.24 sqm. Year built: Jul. 1980 Current Status: Vacant Delivery Date: Consultation Zoning/Land Category: Category Ⅰ exclusive low building residential zone BCR/FAR: 30%/50% Other low restriction: Non-drawing area Height limit 10m Mode of Transaction: Brokerage Last update date: 2020/01/07 Update scheduled date: 2020/01/21 Remarks Road northwest side (about 5.2 m in width), northeast side (about 7.4 m in width), southeast side (5 m in width) Both sides are on the private road Private owner Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.