Sotheby's International Realty - Sicamous, BC

The Narrows Village...long ago and far away a winking frog visited man. His domaine was the crystal pure waters of Shuswap Lake and the mystical forest beyond and he invited man to carve out a dream. A destination for hungry travellers, an oasis for inquiring minds and a focus on solitude and serenity. The trees are the strength on this land and the hand built cabins, tree house and additional structures all come from the land. Mother Earth supplied off the grid power and endless waterfall energy so there could be light. Vintage RV’s housed the staff who accepted the honour of sharing the experience. Rainforest trails weave through the 28 acres and 1600 ft of waterfront reflect on the history of the ages on this lake. A green house for sustenance and shops for self sufficiency, all so that the impact is to walk lightly on the land. And on your travels here, watch quietly for the winking frog and open you mind to your dreams.