Sotheby's International Realty - Siuntio, 18

The former vicerage of Siuntio, build and expanded on location 1812-1817 offers one of the best kept and further developed real-estate gems of the Greater Helsinki area. Two of the additional buildings have bedrooms for 2 - 4 people, hence a comfortable 20 people may stay at the Home. Large efforts have been put in place to maintain and develop the property, and today the vicarage is a very comfortable home and a fantastic week-end retreat with a swimming pool, separate sauna building, a tennis court, a beautiful garden with a greenhouse to cultivate plants or even grow grapes as well as a large garage / technical building, newly built on site 2012-2014 give many opportunities for work and play. The Siuntio former vicerage lies some 45 minutes commute for Helsinki, in the beautiful Siuntio countryside and right on the Siuntio river. The main house in 2 stories is some 380 m2 large, the side building some 80 m2, and the garage is some 250m2.