Sotheby's International Realty - Los Angeles, BI

Beautiful field of 54.25 hectares, registered as 2 different plots. Plot 1: 8.65 hectares, main house (424 mtr2) built of concrete. Great pool. Plot with great potential for the construction of a refrigerator, because there is an asphalt road in the entrance of the field. Plot 2, 45.6 hectares. 16.6 hectares are planted with blueberries. 7.6 has, Duke variety, plantation 2008 and 2013.9 Has, with Legacy variety, plantation 2010 and 2014. Arable land 28 hectares, of which 11.56 hectares are irrigated with a drip irrigation system. Surface area of construction; 3.08 Has Office, Bathrooms, Casino: 272 mtrs2 Storage shed: 573 mtrs2 2 houses that can be rented: 210 mtrs2 The distance from the highway 5 Sur is1 Km.