Sotheby's International Realty - Jardines del Pedregal de San Angel

This house is committed to a scheme composed of two different bodies. Both are closed in the back to ensure absolute privacy with respect to the rest of the set and at the same time open to the front to illuminate and ventilate all spaces naturally. The first body includes social spaces; the second integrates all the intimate areas and those of service. The social body is materialized in a pavilion with more than four meters of height in its interior. This space lives, breathes and illuminates thanks to a garden that in turn works as a visual finale. The second body contains the intimate areas at its upper levels, the services on the ground floor and additional spaces below it. All the intimate spaces are conceived to enjoy uninterrupted views towards the reserve of the hill Zacatépetl. The selection of materials was made under the premise of achieving a balance between durability, neutrality and timelessness.