Sotheby's International Realty - Caldwell, TX

The Commons Portfolio gives an investor the opportunity to purchase a unique multifamily portfolio at 100% occupancy. The portfolio consists of 72 doors across 6 locations around Central Texas. The locations are all located between Austin and Bryan/College Station which are two of the state’s fastest growing areas. While all the towns are relatively small, they are all county seats where the courthouse and county employees and offices reside. The doors consist primarily of duplex properties with a small apartment complex and 5 single family homes. Some of the prominent features of the Portfolio area: • Assets are all fairly new having been built between 2011 and 2015. • Properties are all high-quality construction with many common elements and floor plans to enable more efficient operations and management. • Elements such as metal roofs and all masonry construction lower the long-term repairs and maintenance needs and budget. • Current ownership group has developed a unique management platform that enables the efficient management of the operation remotely. This management platform will convey. • Properties are the nicest class A assets in each location which enables the properties to stay at high occupancy levels. • Current ownership has identified two additional locations to build more assets and there is a 4-acre site adjacent to one of the properties that will also convey. * Commons on Boundary 5 Units - SF Houses - (3BR/2BA) * Commons on Independence 10 Units - Duplexes (6-1BR/1BA) (4-2BR/1BA) * Commons at Hickory Creek 22 Units - Apts/Duplexes (16 2BR/2BA) (6 1BR/1BA) * Commons on Cameron 20 Units - Duplexes (10 1BR/1BA) (6 2BR/1BA) (4 studio/1BA) * Commons of Somerville 6 Units - Duplexes (2 2BR/1BA) (2 1BR/1BA) (2 studio/1BA) * Commons on Buck St 9 Units - Duplexes (8 1BR/1BA) (1 2BR/1BA)