Sotheby's International Realty - Prague, 107

This plot of land lying in a quiet part of Troja, not far from Troja Palace and the zoo, was created by combining three smaller land plots, where the three original buildings in poor structural condition are currently standing. All of the land plots are now the property of one owner. Plans for building a new, modern family home located in the south of the land plot, nestling discretely in a wealth of greenery. The ground floor of this house is sunken into the terrain with an indoor swimming pool. The first floor is mainly above the level of the terrain and the second floor comprises a separate penthouse in the southwest part of the house. On the façade white areas of smooth plaster alternate with frameless, large-format windows and wooden terraces. The roofs are flat, partially overgrown with vegetation. Planned planting of greenery on the land is intended to create a bond between the house and nature.