PRAIRIE SPRINGS RANCH The Prairie Springs Ranch presents a limited opportunity to own a large, unencumbered agricultural property near the coveted area of Big Horn, Wyoming. From the earliest days of its founding in the late 1800s the Big Horn area south of Sheridan has been the most prized and sought after land in the area. It has attracted investors from all over the world, many of whose families are still here on the original ranch. The opportunity, though quite rare, to own land in this area still exists today in offerings like the Prairie Springs Ranch. It is one of the few remaining large acreage properties in this area that is yet to be developed but still has all its development rights; excellent water rights; unbelievable views of the mountains; plus, the location is excellent. Savvy investors will quickly recognize the unlimited potential of this 293 acre property. Agriculturally, it is very productive. The ranch has abundant irrigation water and many natural springs and coupled with its rich, productive soils it has ample grazing for livestock or brood mares and growing crops. Of the total acreage, approximately 270 acres are under irrigation, much of which is side roll sprinklers. Irrigation water from Big Horn Reservoir (157 shares; 88.45 A, 69.08 B) is delivered via Colorado Colony Ditch. The Big Horn Reservoir water is valuable, but restricted to adjudication and agricultural use within the Colorado Colony Ditch Co. Under current management, the farm ground is producing about 460 bales, 1,560# of mostly grass hay. With some cultivation and replanting of different crops, the property has the potential to produce close to 1000 tons of hay per year. Recreationally, it has all kinds of wildlife, including deer, small game and many species of upland birds and waterfowl. Locals who know from experience will all brag about the abundance of deer and pheasants on the property. With all its water, natural habitat and privacy, wildlife will thrive. Topographical