Coldwell Banker Global Luxury - Rome, RM

Homes usually mirror the personality of those who dwell in them, whereas in this case the peculiarities are so many that's impossible to make a comparison-you've never seen a house like this. The Property we offer lies on top of Monti Parioli, being the attic in a Liberty four store building. It was originally built for wellknoun tenor Titta Ruffo in the early thirties, then Italian archistar Benini added his touch giving new life to an old buiding. The view is matchless and its 400sq.mtrs. Look like an expensive yacht. Each window is a frame for the Eternal City underneath. Just like the hands of a precious watch your glance catches each corner of Rome confortably sitting at the kitchen table.Such an elegant and sophisticated house makes you at your ease and it feels like flawless. Each bedroom has its bathroom and light springs out of colourless glass wide windows. The terrace is 100 sq. mrs.wide, nestled between a unique altana and a turret on top of which a studiolo with no comparison grants rest and silence. One can have guests without being seen at all. If you like being in and out at the same time this is the case. Your home among the clouds has Rome at its feet and is surrounded by tall pine trees. Daily life goes on under your eyes. You'll feel like flying confortably resting on chairs Dante O. Benini made on purpose for you. Located in the middle of the Embassy district you'll be safe and fearless.Privacy and security are our business. You may therefore realize you are living a few steps from where Toto' himself used to live. As a matter of fact with more than one movie was set in the Property and famous people attended parties there. Yet if you're afraid of flying this house is not suitable for you. Since where clouds run freely you may feel on top of the world and you shall see Rome as never before.